Native of El Dorado, Arkansas

Wife:  Sister Tameka Thompson 

Father of five:  Three boys and two daughters 

Grandfather of six 

Pastor's Comments

Hello Everyone,

I want extend to each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  May each of us reflect on how blessed we are in all that God has done for us.  Let us pray for peace throughout the world but especially for our country and the people in Ferguson, Mo. in particular.  We pray for the Michael Brown family, Darren Wilson and family, our judicial system and those that have been involved in the protests and demonstrations throughout the country and globe.  Whether we agree with the decision of the Grand Jury in the case or not, let us pray that God's love will speak to each of us that we may find ways to resolve our differences in a peaceful manner.

 Remember, God has extended His love toward each of us so let each of us extend our love to others.


Be Blessed,

Pastor T

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